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RSS (rich site summary) feeds are a big deal these days. With an RSS feed, web surfers or viewers are assured of being immediately alerted to updates on their favorite websites. It’s just a matter of installing RSS reader software on a computer. Naturally, if this tool is big for the internet, it’s even bigger for viewers and creators in the porn industry. While users get the benefit of instant alerts and gratification, publishers in turn get instant syndication.

That’s why RSS has the informal nickname, really simple syndication. And it is why RSS feeds are generally free to users. It allows for the rapid sharing of any web material.

For users who like porn, there are tons of sites devoted strictly to RSS porn feeds . You can receive feeds by category, such as the latest videos, the top stars, or any of the dozens of preferences – from amateurs to Asian, Latino to lesbian, and on and on and on. The fact that RSS feeds are so flexible, makes them more appealing. You can filter categories by preference. If you’re not into something, you don’t have to get it. If you only want movies you only get movies. You can construct your own feed to your liking. RSS feeds seep into the mainstream from time-to-time, simply because they get mixed in via the XML process. This causes momentary mayhem for the Puritanical, but never any interference.

To get an RSS feed for your chosen porn viewing is simple. Go to one of the many sites available for RSS porn and install their reader. If you have just one particular site you like such as cityofeve, most of them offer an RSS installation. Look for the little orange icon and click on it. The icon may appear by the genre or you may have to pick specific genre or artist after you’ve subscribed. Many destinations also offer a choice between still photos and videos. You may be prompted for an email address, and that could be an option for you to pick up the latest stuff.

When you’re subscribed to a site’s RSS, you can view updated content in your feed reader, which is basically a handy place for all of your feeds. It is installed with your subscription. You will find it on your “favorites” list of your browser. Some browsers even have a little icon that pops up in the address bar. It’s very convenient and saves you a bunch of time. And who hasn’t blown a bunch of time surfing for a good site and then going back again and again for updates?

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