Most Islington Escorts offer a whole range of different massage services and styles

The first time you see a massage menu you may find that you will be completely bewildered.
If it is your first time considering a massage, you should take a few minutes out of your busy day to read this article. Next time you visit your favorite Islington Escorts you will know a little bit more about massage, and make a better selection based on your individual needs.

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Islington Escorts are often massage specialists, and you will find that some of them have trained to deliver a massage in a personal, intimate way.
It is nice to be touched in a personal way as it can help to relax you and deal with stress levels.

You may be experiencing tension in certain parts of the body and in that case you should tell your Islington Escorts about it. It will help them to identify problem areas and to deal with your tensions in a satisfying way.

Different Types of Massages – Islington Escorts’ massage menus could probably run into several pages but most of the girls try to keep it as simple as they can. Most of the Islington Escorts realize that their callers may not be familiar with all the terms and are happy to describe the different variations available.

Aromatherapy Massage – This is a massage technique which goes back along way. Essential oils have long been used to help people to relax, and let go of their strains and stresses.

Some oils are better than other but is widely recognized that oils such as Lotus and Patchouli can heighten the pleasures of a massage. They will help the body to let go of unwanted stresses and strains, and can provide a great release when needed. Many Islington Escorts like to use both oils as a combination treatment as it gives such good results.

A carrier oil is used to blend the two oils and a massage is carried out very gently and intimately for at least one hour.

Four Handed Massage – Sometimes two hands are just not enough. Four handed massages are a real treat and well worth paying that little bit extra for.
This means that two Islington Escorts will at the same time give you an overall body massage helping you to relax in a much deeper way. You will drift off and perhaps even have some very sweet dreams.

If you are suffering from serious stress, this could be the perfect massage for you. Often an oil like Jojoba is used to help you to relax. This is a very deep penetrating oil which will not only add warmth to your body but will also help you feel very invigorated.

Tantric Massage – A tantric massage is a very intimate personal massage which often means no towels and only the best oil. It is often seen as foreplay but can be used as a massage technique all on its own. Once you have experienced a tantric massage in the hands of a professionally trained masseuse, you will probably never want any other type of massage again. It is just sheer bliss!

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