Are Gold Diggers for Real?

I never thought that it would happen to me, but all of a sudden I stood accused of being a gold digger. Escorts for couples in London certainly keeps me busy, but I still have some time on my hands. Also as escorts for couples can make you rather tired, it is nice to be able to do something else from time to time. If you like, it is kind of refreshing and I know that I am not the only girl at our escort agency with a kind of a part time job.

escorts for couples

Most of the escorts I know are not that organised to run another service on the side of their main escort service. So many of the girls at escorts for couples in London, are happy with what they are getting from the business. Sure, that is fine for them, but I do not like sitting back. By nature, I like to keep busy, and when I am not working for the escort agency, I run my own little business dating service. I have a few gents who like to hook up with me on just business dates.

Do I charge for the pleasure? Just like with escorts for couples in London, I do charge for my time. Sometimes I feel a bit bad about as I really enjoy the company of the gents who only want to take me out when they have business partners in town. We got out for dinners, and I will say that go beyond what they need to do. If it is not in my part of London, some of them even book a hotel room, and arrange for me to have a bit of a spa day as well. They even give me little treats, and two gents give me a clothing allowance.

Some of the girls at escorts for couples think that I am a gold digger, but this is very much a professional service. I don’t offer anything that pure dinner dating, and I do not at anytime hustle the gents I meet for anything. If they like to treat me to something, I always say thank you as I do not consider polite to turn away a gift or something special that they would like to give me. Yes, I have had some expensive things, and many of my gents are more generous than the people I meet at escorts for couples in London.

One of the girls at our escorts for couples service, all of a sudden turned around and called me a gold digger. I am not a gold digger at all, and it was rather hurtful. In all honesty I think that she is a little bit jealous. She would probably love to do what I do, but I don’t think that she has the right skill set to do so. Sure, she is a very sexy young lady, but that is not always what dinner dating is all about. Most of the time, the gents I date do not want me to look sexy at all. They want me to look classy, and give them a genuine companion experience, so that is what I do. Yes, I love my perks, but I do not consider myself a gold digger at all.

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